5 New Technologies for the Future of Gaming and Gambling

Get to know a series of new technologies that will change the future of the gaming world. Various new technologies continue to paint human life. The gaming industry is also not spared from sophisticated technology injections. Although a number of the 5 new technologies for gaming use have been stretched for a long time, the new development will bring great innovation. Prepare yourself to welcome new gaming techniques in the future with the following new technologies. Oh yeah, this future technology aside from gaming will also be applied and used in gambling games. Examples are casino, poker, slot machines and other gambling games. The first time will be held on the slot machines site.


Virtual reality (VR) Technology

The year 2016 is being explored as the year of the outbreak of virtual reality technology. VR gaming allows us to feel the experience plunge and interact in the environment contained in the game. Some sources even claim virtual reality is the most targeted by all investors. Some giant companies like Facebook, Google and Intel have initiated this investment. In 2018, sales of virtual reality products are expected to reach $ 5.2 million.

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR are three large virtual reality headsets scheduled for release this year. Besides Sony, which changed the name Project Morpheus to Playstation VR to instill a deep impression of “gaming”, other competitors are eyeing the gaming market as the main anchored location. Intel developed VR technology on Razer cameras to be used as game controllers.

PC devices and gaming notebooks are now starting to compete to “sell” their VR ready features. Mobile gamers will certainly be sprayed with this new technology. Starting from Samsung Gear VR, smartphones, to sophisticated wearable devices now also starting to be presented with many features that will support the use of VR for gaming.

Motion sensor & Neuro-gaming Technology

Motion sensors or motion sensors have been present since the last few years. This electronic sensor will detect our movement and integrate it with equipment and the surrounding environment. The system will automatically work on certain tasks or warnings. Significant developments this year have made us choose motion sensors as among the new technologies that will have an impact on the gaming world.

Even the term “motion gaming” has come, where we can do various activities such as running, cycling, saying to complete the mission in the game. we need to use a certain sensor detector that will measure physical movements and conditions such as heart rate and the like.

The technology that is also related to virtual reality is increasingly provoking existing gaming peripherals at this time. PlayStation Move, Xbox One Kinect, Leap Motion sensor, to sensors in smartphones seems to be the door for the design and empirical of new types of games. The sensor technology that is now being developed is the detection of facial mimic movements and controls through the mind called neuro-gaming technology.

Cloud-based Services & Big Data Technology

Cloud system-based computer technology has made the internet a central server for managing large data. Especially in the gaming industry, games will be even more amazing this year with a combination of console powered by cloud based.

Cloud-based service is indeed not present first in this year, it’s just that this technology will be most condemned to new technologies that will advance the game industry. Cloud-based like online gameplay and cloud storage like on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam is probably not a new business.

However, let’s look at the latest technology. Let’s say that VR is the most focused on the higher and realistic graphics quality, this technology will spur the cloud-based needs of the company’s IT infrastructure for high-speed game files, fast downloads and rendering processes. In addition, automatically creating cloud computing must be on the home setup of a VR gamer.

Cloud computing seems to not save a lot of gamers’ expenses related to hardware updates. You also don’t need to purchase hardware at super prices with cloud-based rendering.

5G Network & Tournament Online Streaming

Both online and offline gaming, super fast downloads are so coveted. Not long ago, Google working on the 5G test using a drone with its secret project had the name SykBender. The desired 5G network can be 40 times faster than the maximum speed of the 4G / LTE network currently available.

The 5G network will work through the millimeters-wave transmission radio that offers high speed. Further tests of this new technology are expected to be carried out at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, where at this time the British government has promised that London will feel the 5G speed in the next five years.

The 5G network will best support the hot entertainment format, watching e-sport athletes become stars who play games. With ticket prices that are nothing but the Lady Gaga concert, the game tournament arena with giant screens is generally filled with fans. Going forward, executors of game events seem to be digging for extra money by marketing premium access to online streaming. It seems that the ticket format you need to buy to watch the game tournament will be different.

Cross-platform Integration

Companies are exploring ways that existing devices can communicate with each other. This trend is called Cross-platform Integration. With the latest operating system from Microsoft, Window 10, you can use a number of devices on the same network to stream the same game. The presence of Windows 10 is desired to bring cross gaming platforms more real.

Beginning in 2016, Amazon announced two new products aimed at professional game developers. Lumberyard, a 3D and GameLift game engine, a service to help develop session-based multiplayer games. Both support developers to create cloud-connected games that can take place on multiple platforms. Lumberyard will be integrated with two Twitch features, namely ChatPlay and JoinIn.

Some different game engines are also born by adopting new cross-platform technology. Later, you will play games with so many devices, both PCs, PS4 and Xbox One consoles, to mobile devices that have Android or iOS. Even cross-progression technology is also developed where we can switch gaming from PS4 to PC or vice versa, without the need to worry about losing progress.

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