Educational Revolution Through Technology

The world of education has been transformed y putting forward the technology for the last few years. The startup now has an effect in the educational revolution process.

Page recently reported, a number of e-learning sites have a big share of the next generation in the learning process. Even some startup developers are predictable will be the future of technological developments in the future.

As implemented startup Studypool. Platform made by Richard Werbe and Jimmy Zhong it shaped the concept of learning Microtutoring. The concept of microtutoring learning simplifies the process of all students in mastering lessons. “Microtutoring replaces conventional learning techniques on the guidance grounds,” said Werbe, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Studypool.

Platforms can be accessed without a shackle of time by students, as opposed to when they are studying in a tutoring location. For tutoring in a study guide a student must register and assess the study hours. Studypool creates the process does not exist. Studypool can be referred to as an online learning guide with the direction of all tutors. Since its establishment two years ago, Studypool has raised funding for 2.3 million US dollars. Until now there have been 4 thousand tutors who pass the verification.

Other Studypool, different Peergrade. If Studypool is a support software for all students, Peergrade is intended for teachers or lecturers. Released 2015 ago by three founders, Peergrade aims to help teachers submit feedback to their students. Usually all teachers want to be burdened with little work to the point that it is difficult to evaluate all students.

Peergrade makes it easier for teachers to write assignments and student evaluations within the app. The results can be read online students to the point up to the students. Year later Peergrade got funding up to 300 thousand US dollars. Currently Peergrade is already used in some major universities in Denmark, and in other neighboring countries. All teachers’ responses are quite positive. Because, in addition to learning from the scoring and assessment books are also dominant both for academic ability.

The history lesson may be a very boring one for the students. But with Time Machine Tour software Kyle Hudson production, history is no longer boring. Applications on iOS equipment can bring students to past events. One of them by accessing the portrait location of the practice of history. Students get into the Time Machine software, and see the historic place in Augmented Reality (AR) format. Time Machine is only accessible in a number of locations, namely New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington DC.

Startup developer ClassTag creates software that simplifies the relationship between parents and teachers. During this time the super busy parents rarely follow the work of parents community of students. Through ClassTag, all teachers can provide information about the event or work around the parent community of students. “This platform helps teachers improve relationships with parents,” says Founder ClassTag Vlada Lotkina. Through the application, parents who are not often rarely show community events can still participate.

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