Get to know a series of new technologies that will change the future of the gaming world. Various new technologies continue to paint human life. The gaming industry is also not spared from sophisticated technology injections. Although a number of the 5 new technologies for gaming use have been stretched for a long time, the new development will bring great innovation. Prepare yourself to welcome new gaming techniques in the future with the following new technologies. Oh yeah, this future technology aside from gaming will also be applied and used in gambling games. Examples are casino, poker, slot machines and other gambling games. The first time will be held on the slot machines site.


Virtual reality (VR) Technology

The year 2016 is being explored as the year of the outbreak of virtual reality technology. VR gaming allows us to feel the experience plunge and interact in the environment contained in the game. Some sources even claim virtual reality is the most targeted by all investors. Some giant companies like Facebook, Google and Intel have initiated this investment. In 2018, sales of virtual reality products are expected to reach $ 5.2 million.

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR are three large virtual reality headsets scheduled for release this year. Besides Sony, which changed the name Project Morpheus to Playstation VR to instill a deep impression of “gaming”, other competitors are eyeing the gaming market as the main anchored location. Intel developed VR technology on Razer cameras to be used as game controllers.

PC devices and gaming notebooks are now starting to compete to “sell” their VR ready features. Mobile gamers will certainly be sprayed with this new technology. Starting from Samsung Gear VR, smartphones, to sophisticated wearable devices now also starting to be presented with many features that will support the use of VR for gaming.

Motion sensor & Neuro-gaming Technology

Motion sensors or motion sensors have been present since the last few years. This electronic sensor will detect our movement and integrate it with equipment and the surrounding environment. The system will automatically work on certain tasks or warnings. Significant developments this year have made us choose motion sensors as among the new technologies that will have an impact on the gaming world.

Even the term “motion gaming” has come, where we can do various activities such as running, cycling, saying to complete the mission in the game. we need to use a certain sensor detector that will measure physical movements and conditions such as heart rate and the like.

The technology that is also related to virtual reality is increasingly provoking existing gaming peripherals at this time. PlayStation Move, Xbox One Kinect, Leap Motion sensor, to sensors in smartphones seems to be the door for the design and empirical of new types of games. The sensor technology that is now being developed is the detection of facial mimic movements and controls through the mind called neuro-gaming technology.

Cloud-based Services & Big Data Technology

Cloud system-based computer technology has made the internet a central server for managing large data. Especially in the gaming industry, games will be even more amazing this year with a combination of console powered by cloud based.

Cloud-based service is indeed not present first in this year, it’s just that this technology will be most condemned to new technologies that will advance the game industry. Cloud-based like online gameplay and cloud storage like on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam is probably not a new business.

However, let’s look at the latest technology. Let’s say that VR is the most focused on the higher and realistic graphics quality, this technology will spur the cloud-based needs of the company’s IT infrastructure for high-speed game files, fast downloads and rendering processes. In addition, automatically creating cloud computing must be on the home setup of a VR gamer.

Cloud computing seems to not save a lot of gamers’ expenses related to hardware updates. You also don’t need to purchase hardware at super prices with cloud-based rendering.

5G Network & Tournament Online Streaming

Both online and offline gaming, super fast downloads are so coveted. Not long ago, Google working on the 5G test using a drone with its secret project had the name SykBender. The desired 5G network can be 40 times faster than the maximum speed of the 4G / LTE network currently available.

The 5G network will work through the millimeters-wave transmission radio that offers high speed. Further tests of this new technology are expected to be carried out at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, where at this time the British government has promised that London will feel the 5G speed in the next five years.

The 5G network will best support the hot entertainment format, watching e-sport athletes become stars who play games. With ticket prices that are nothing but the Lady Gaga concert, the game tournament arena with giant screens is generally filled with fans. Going forward, executors of game events seem to be digging for extra money by marketing premium access to online streaming. It seems that the ticket format you need to buy to watch the game tournament will be different.

Cross-platform Integration

Companies are exploring ways that existing devices can communicate with each other. This trend is called Cross-platform Integration. With the latest operating system from Microsoft, Window 10, you can use a number of devices on the same network to stream the same game. The presence of Windows 10 is desired to bring cross gaming platforms more real.

Beginning in 2016, Amazon announced two new products aimed at professional game developers. Lumberyard, a 3D and GameLift game engine, a service to help develop session-based multiplayer games. Both support developers to create cloud-connected games that can take place on multiple platforms. Lumberyard will be integrated with two Twitch features, namely ChatPlay and JoinIn.

Some different game engines are also born by adopting new cross-platform technology. Later, you will play games with so many devices, both PCs, PS4 and Xbox One consoles, to mobile devices that have Android or iOS. Even cross-progression technology is also developed where we can switch gaming from PS4 to PC or vice versa, without the need to worry about losing progress.

If you imagine a poker game, of course what is in your mind is not far from money and gambling, really exists. However, what if some universities in the UK use Poker in the study room for other places?
This game that is not infrequently named Texas Hold’em Poker has been used by universities like Harvard, Yale and Princeton as among the urgent tools in the classes. In Asia many website like agen poker asia also involve in this innovation, they believe poker playing can increase ability of children to learn statistic more easy.

Acceptance of poker in learning in the study room is certainly not as easy as imagined. The instructors then refused to enter the match with gambling into the lesson. Well, the universities above have a unique technique to enter poker into the classroom. Making money is right on target, not different from those that follow the steps.

Playing poker can learn a lot of things and dominate directly in real life. Some exercises to sharpen soft skills that can be learned by playing poker: others. Investment, critical thinking, self-control, long-term concentration, strong mentality, honing the ability to analyze and be able to estimate risks.

Professor Nesson of Harvard assumes that poker is very necessary if working professionally in the realm of Business, Technology, Psychology and Law.

So, are you sure that the game remains badly dominant? If it can be processed and used, of course there is no positive price-value that can be delivered through the internet in the classroom.

Poker is a game strategy that takes place in the form of not small, it can be in multiplayer. At present, a very popular variant of this game is No Limit Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker. Bet, wait, check, conquer and match players – drama readings can complicate cliffs – try the best techniques. Whether this poker or casino game is online, winning is often the same: players with the best hands win the pot. The emergence of online poker options, allows him to use a wider circle – your game is just internet and internet.

Today, poker is one of the most popular card games. Online poker has earned millions and received publicity that is traditional poker dividends thanks to the prestigious World Series of Poker annual series, and other events that will be broadcast on television in all the world. Remember each of your time to play Texas Hold’em or Omaha online poker, you are competing with real players from all over the world, which means that the things that are needed in the poker game are at the level that goes from the game and the presentation of so many strategies.

Online games are a big command to practice their skills. When it comes to you as a beginner, you may not know anything, not much is too high, very difficult, and very difficult. Beginner beginners are the right choice that can be used for systems that cannot be used for a variety of functions that are different from what we are merely collecting. Therefore, trying to get used to the table where the card is used, more information can be found on the Poker Strategy site.

Efficiency, speed and profit are the main benefits of digital transformation not only for large industrial ownership, but also for small and medium enterprises. This opinion was expressed by the participants of “Day of Digitization” in Kazakhstan, which was organized by the company “Siemens”. More than 120 specialists from various economic sectors took part in the event. Among them: business leaders, representatives from the education sector, as well as experts from Siemens from Germany, Russia and Kazakhstan.

In his remarks, Audris Bartsevičius, president of Siemens in Kazakhstan, noted that the future – for the creation of fully digital production and market leaders – would be a company that would use innovative technology throughout the production chain. And Siemens as one of the largest software developers in the world is ready to provide a broad installed product base.

“In our digital portfolio: cloud operating systems for IoT – MindSphere, technology based on artificial intelligence, automated system development, and more. In Kazakhstan, it is important to start moving from a simple” Internet “concept to the Internet. IoT allows you to save time and reach main goal – to analyze information in a timely manner, draw conclusions, and make important decisions. In addition, digital technology contributes to improving the efficiency and reliability of the production process, “said Audris Bartsevičius.

According to him, with the help of separate digital solutions, companies of any size from very different economic sectors can improve their competitiveness. In addition, digital technology enables the expansion of project portfolios and opens up new market niches by reducing the time and material costs of production and maintenance, while maintaining high quality standards.

“One example is a digital train in Norway. A few months ago, the contract was signed for 800 million euros, which covered 25 years of service. As for MindSphere, this is the key direction developed by Siemens at this time. We are serious about approaching this problem and ready to provide customers with many opportunities to optimize production, “said Audris Bartsavičius.

Calls are thrown

During the panel discussion, the event participants discussed opportunities and challenges in the Industry 4.0 era, and also expressed their views on the potential brought about by digital transformation. For example, Lucas Kutsoyanis, Head of Customer Digital Involvement at Siemens, stressed that digitization is a wave of technology that integrates with globalization. All this changes the structure and challenges that exist not only in all countries, but also in individual organizations.

In commerce world and cash market, the changing is rapidly. How you calculate the commission after the fluctuation of an up-down market where nowadays people want to get the update almost instantly. That’s why Casino company also adapt to this new technology.

“In terms of energy and oil and gas, digitalization provides an opportunity to understand how to increase capacity, how to use resources more efficiently, how to expand congestion, etc. But this is also a challenge for the country and the company, because the existing regime destabilizes and works methods And we have seen such uncertainties, especially in the oil and gas sector, when large players cannot manage many of the parameters of their activities and digitizing them is an effective way to understand the market, control expenses and know in detail what is the essence of basic operations. “Lucas Kutsoyanis believes.

Recognizing the inevitability of change, the company slowly began to rebuild their business processes, using the achievement of the digital era. However, currently the process is very slow. The main reason is that digitization involves not only many technological difficulties, but also fundamentally changes the organizational structure, which in most companies is not ready for digital transformation.

“Take, for example, electricity generation, where there is no comprehensive and integrated approach. And it does not depend on the country and the level of development, there are problems everywhere. In this sector, there is not enough integration, as a result, companies cannot effectively managing the entire value chain. They know how to manage surface installations, electricity networks, etc., but now you need to change modes and approaches to asset management. In other words, traditional work methods are no longer sufficient. Because there is no way to assess strategy Which one is most suitable for asset management at this stage in the life cycle of an object, “Lucas Kutsoyanis said.

According to him, the first step in the journey to integrated operations must be connectivity, namely the connectivity of information and communication infrastructure components. The next logical step is to create a “smart” model to optimize assets in the value stream. “Thanks to connectivity, it is possible to optimize, for example, processing assets into production assets. And if companies will continue to optimize their assets and increase production efficiency, they will not only receive additional income, but also control their business even under adverse economic conditions. “But digital transformation requires an impressive investment, and this must be understood,” suggested Lucas Kutsoyanis.

A similar view is also found in Viktor Chernokov, deputy chairman of the “Kazakhstan Institute for Industry Development” JSC board. “Kazakhstan’s system-forming companies have realized the importance of applying” numbers “and their profits in terms of optimizing production, cutting costs, increasing the quality and quantity of products and, consequently, increasing profits. But small and medium-sized businesses are not ready to invest in” figures “, and there are the reason for this. One of them is that SMEs have no understanding of how much efficiency and their profits will be increased through digitization. And the sooner they start to follow the time and increase productivity, the faster they can make more, “Viktor Chernokov believes.

Towards change

Speaking of digitalization and the introduction of modern technology in Kazakhstan, Andrei Tyuryushkin, Business Development Director of the Autonomous Fund cluster “Park innovative technology”, he observed that before digitizing domestic companies, it was necessary to clearly understand how companies were willing to use such innovations.

“Don’t forget that you can’t nail your nails with a microscope. After all, as we know, chaos automation will not lead to anything other than preventive chaos. I believe that more systematic work must be done here. Including company acceleration, so that every Kazakh companies become competent customers and understand the value of digitalization.Because of the high technology, it is possible to reduce the creation and value chain, reduce human factors, and improve production efficiency. And customers must see how much or how much will save certain decisions “, – said Andrey Tyuryushkin.

According to him, the main problem of business – the lack of a perception company as an integrated system together with the market. And this situation is observed not only in Kazakhstan, but also throughout post-Soviet space. “If the business concerned restrictions on the market, how whatever is digitized by applying the latest technology, no economic performance of the company will not improve. Our task is to create conditions for business development in the country through the creation of shared laboratories with vendors and practical application cases. do not want to only give vendors a grip on Kazakhstan, and plan to generate convergence in Kazakhstan and cultivated expertise in the local market “, – said Andrei Tyuryushkin.

Alexey Suntsov, director of the information technology department of the KazMunaiGaz JSC, also supported it.

“The crisis that occurred in the post-Soviet space, every time it gave us a new burst of performance, no matter how strange it sounded. We began to use resources more efficiently and choose technology. But the latest changes in the world provide another trend called” speed ” And this is very important, because at present technology a year ago will not be effective and will not provide the necessary results. Now we need to test and apply technology quickly, and for this we need to work with global vendors, such as Siemens, which will help build the process of using this technology, “said Alexei Suntsov.

Experts believe that the ability to change quickly is a top priority in the era of digitalization. Companies have arrived at that stage, when lost time is lost competition and loss of money. Now is the time to deliberately change in order to receive answers to basic management questions: what opportunities and limitations are on resources, what needs to be focused and what can have the greatest influence.

“There’s no need to run along with fashion trends, it’s better to think of solutions in such a way that they give as much effect as possible. For me personally, digitizing is the use of maximum technology for complex problem solving. Because” digits “reduce the cost of transmitting information and increasing transmission speed If previously we manually extracted indications on extraction, pressure, drilling, as a result, lost one day to receive this information and further adjustments from the current regime, now we receive all data instantly. Against this background, there are other tasks – how to process this information, but the analyst is the next step, “summarizes Alexei Suntsov.

Agris Preymanis, head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for Kazakhstan, expects the greatest influence of digitalization in the national sector: subsoil use, industrial production, agriculture, etc.

“Along with the oil and gas sector, where there are many pilot projects for full digitization of processes to interaction with suppliers, the city sector is waiting for radical change. However, it is too early to talk about the systematic and extensive introduction of digitalization. However, this is not only power competitiveness, but also a struggle for survival. I think in the future we will see how some sectors change or die, “Agris Preymanis predicted.

The EBRD head also added that for a successful transition to “Industry 4.0” it is necessary to involve various organizations in this process: public authorities, the private sector, research and education institutions. “The company alone cannot do this, the role of the state is important here. If the government and the private sector work together, everything will change in Kazakhstan, and we will see the effectiveness observed in other countries. The innovative Kazakhstan ecosystem is very small, so “Don’t be afraid to integrate into the European, Russian or Chinese ecosystems,” said Agris Preymanis.

Talk about education in Indonesia certainly has a myriad of house activities that must be addressed. Teacher competence, school infrastructure, lack of textbooks, to standardization of curriculum are some issues that are not infrequently covering the education sector in the country. Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) RI is also working to increase the quality of national education. Started from the addition of access to education and also the quality of the National Examination.

1. The basic logic passes through education The Founder of Zenius Education

The Word of the PS says the current issue of the education system in Indonesia is not only about access, but also about the quality of the education itself. Based on data of Ministry of Education and Culture, the level of accessibility of schools in Indonesia has reached 80%. “However, the problem is the quality, and submit a weighted education weighted | quality evenly is very difficult, “said Word for in the seminar” Critical Print Generation, Improve the Quality of Education Indonesia “, in Jakarta (19/08/2018). Therefore, Zenius Education’s education technology company is committed to contribute in fostering a generation of people who can have good reason that can be applied in everyday life. Without strong basic logic, your young generation will be easily affected by hoaxes, even terrorism. This may not be enough to realize that not a few people, “said the Word.

2. Sharpen understanding and reason “Founded in 2007,

Zenius Education as among the first digital players in the Indonesian educational ecosystem is always struggling to provide learning lessons that focus on understanding concept and scientific reasoning. Read also: Should Students Release from PR? This Said Educational Psychologist Referring to the situation of Indonesian students who have spent many years accustomed to memorizing lessons and want not to be encouraged to ask, Zenius Education is determined to cultivate the mindset of Indonesian students. Students are told to understand a concept of knowledge rather than memorize, and fit with the scientific soul itself, that is cultivating a sense of curiosity.

3. International benchmarks

Based on the information from the Word, the measure of formal educational attainment in Indonesia can refer to the three-year PESA test, a test system initiated by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). Since trailing the test in 2010, Indonesia is not rare to be ranked the bottom 10 of 72 countries surveyed. Thus, it is not a surprising matter when the results of UN 2018 indicate that 63-79% of students have an average score below 55. “The performance of Indonesian students on the PISA test is not the only concern. The OECD also conducted tests for adult populations through the PIAAC (Program for for International Assessment of Adult Competencies) test, and the result was astonishing – scholars in Jakarta had literacy skills that were no better than high school alumni of all participating countries, “bright Word

4. Technology-based education In estimation,

for 400-800 million personal will be replaced by the work of automatization in 2030 (McKinsey, 2017). Therefore, Indonesia’s current and future educational challenge is how to print the younger generation who know the science being taught, not just good at viewing the information. EdTech or technology-based education can come up with a solution that previously used in games system like agen sbobet when calculating the winning for each members. Inevitably, education in Indonesia around this cling to the text book, has begun to replace digital products.

5. Growing start up of digital learning Startup field of education began to emerge.

They provide not a few changes to the learning process in Indonesia, one of which is Zenius Education. As among the innovations that were born because of the existence of EdTech, a blended learning system or training-learning work that integrates online learning with traditional learning in the classroom. This technology-based learning alternative is desirable to be one of the solutions in the effort to accelerate the addition of educational quality in Indonesia. Based on information from Google Analytics data in 2017 it was listed that Zenius Education has helped more than 10 million students in Indonesia. The company has also made over 74,000 online learning videos with total views reaching over 300 million.

The era of digital information has changed not a few aspects in everyday life. Internet, digital communication has not a few advantages that can be utilized, such as digging information, and networking. But behind the internet also has a negative aspect, especially if we are not wise in addressing, and use such as content compatibility and threat of potentially harmful malware infiltration.

The main problem when this is the utilization of the internet match with designated. Given there are not a few cases that occur starting with online communication and internet. Therefore, efforts should be made to prepare a generation of wise users. Parenting being among solutions, the question is what parenting is, so that the next generation will know the wise use of internet technology.

Actually the method is simple, just like all parents do when giving up a game or allowing something for their child, that matches with age. And potential hazards that can occur. For example, certain games are prohibited from being handed over to children under five years of age. Exclusively in cyberspace related to internet and online communication, it has a distinctly opposite characteristic

Parenting or parenting in connection with the use of devices, internet technology and online communication is divided into a number of age groups with contrary treatment because the child’s skills in understanding also evolve according to age.

What needs to be done in childcare to stay safe with online equipment, as follows ESET presents it for a number of different age groups.

Age group: Toddler or under 5 years old

Under five years age group has its own challenge to the next period children feel the process of formation of the basic character because it is the age of children under five years is the most important period. Anything that happens during the formation of this character will be dominant in the child and will carry over throughout the age of the next. But along with the technology that has been introduced in children since the early age – even since the age of three years – to the point of keeping the child’s tranquility to be the main business that we must think about. Parenting:

➤Make sure all parent’s paraphernalia are password-protected, in order to avoid accidental online access by children when the equipment is far from your coverage.
➤This is when it is appropriate to adopt parental control application technology – which has the skills to protect young users.
➤Parental control is still relevant to do supervision of children online activities until the age of children reaching 14 years.
➤Start talking about online tranquility and make a ‘fence’ barrier for children. For example, emphasize not to speak with an unknown person for example on the phone, and make a guardrail in the use of the device.

Age group: 5 to 9 years

In the age range of five to nine years, the views of parents and children in viewing technology should have felt the change. So the techniques and content that is said to the child should be different. Parents also need to know that children under the age of 10 years do not understand what cyber bullying is, and how to react. Different characteristics of society in every geographic region also contribute to the difference in ESET research treatment shows a number of fundamental differences in each region. For example, all parents in Europe, especially in Russia will only hand out smartphones to the average child when the child reaches seven years and two months, while in the UK the average age of the child may hold the smartphone by the age of nine and eight months. Parenting:

➤Continue upbringing in previous ages, with age adjustments for example: enable and work on parental control software on smartphone or tablet device.
➤Make sure your kids only access the site with content (movies, video games and, lively lately too, apps) that match his age
➤If your child has been allowed to have his own smartphone, then we as parents should give a limit what can be implemented or accessed by the child through his smartphone.

Age group: 10 to 12 years old

In this age group, children have begun to develop and develop their personal skills such as music playing skills, including struggling to understand more about technology and the internet – they are getting a bit more understanding about shortcuts, downloads, children have started digging and have a website pet even not a few who already have a social networking account. In this age group, the children want to know more and more, they begin to ask a few questions about not a few things, especially when the children have really want to do something like watching certain technological devices on the internet and want to have them. Parenting:

➤Tell to the child why there should be restrictions on usage, and why website restrictions – not just the issue of how to control children’s online activities, but rather to submit education, and how to keep children safe, and submit content appropriate to their age.
➤Change the technique and core of the conversation concerned with the internet with children. Conversation topics such as privacy and cybercrime can begin to be introduced and transported in conversation with them.
➤To note, that children are in a vulnerable set of malicious targets via the internet, such as fraud, pornography, and cyberbullying.
➤ Reaffirm the importance of digital world peace – from the introduction, creation and application of passphrases to two-factor authentication (2FA) and encryption, and many other ways of securing.

Age group: 13 to 16 years old

In this age group group can already be considered a child in the teens. As with teenagers in general, children begin to have more complexity, and have begun to take care of their own needs independently as well as wanting to want a wider freedom. Yet still they are young, still dependent on the parents for not a few things, and still need guidance and accompaniment to match.

It is important to know that the most urgent in this age group is the trust – on both sides, both parents and teenagers. With the trust, we as parents would be more comfortable when children own online activities, learn responsibly own responsibility, to take care of some things independently, meanwhile, parents keep doing strict supervision continuously. Parenting:

➤Given the age of children getting into teens, home parents should change the techniques and topics of conversation with children. Bring me more complicated topics – a number of risky internet topics that need to be hosted as a teenager as cyberbullying, sexting and potential online predatory threats
➤If we as parents do online activities such as transacting to purchase goods online or make purchases tickets online, then give the child the opportunity to do transaksinya own – surely in limited numbers.

Online activities carried out with the knowledge of parents may be illegal or risky and do not match the age of the child even though it seems dangerous. Indeed there is not a little that still need to know about online activities and peace of the virtual world. This is a severe obstacle for the people stepping on the digital age where children are involved. Therefore, parents also need to understand a number of important things in order to share the information of tranquility for children to their own peace.

The world of education has been transformed y putting forward the technology for the last few years. The startup now has an effect in the educational revolution process.

Page recently reported, a number of e-learning sites have a big share of the next generation in the learning process. Even some startup developers are predictable will be the future of technological developments in the future.

As implemented startup Studypool. Platform made by Richard Werbe and Jimmy Zhong it shaped the concept of learning Microtutoring. The concept of microtutoring learning simplifies the process of all students in mastering lessons. “Microtutoring replaces conventional learning techniques on the guidance grounds,” said Werbe, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Studypool.

Platforms can be accessed without a shackle of time by students, as opposed to when they are studying in a tutoring location. For tutoring in a study guide a student must register and assess the study hours. Studypool creates the process does not exist. Studypool can be referred to as an online learning guide with the direction of all tutors. Since its establishment two years ago, Studypool has raised funding for 2.3 million US dollars. Until now there have been 4 thousand tutors who pass the verification.

Other Studypool, different Peergrade. If Studypool is a support software for all students, Peergrade is intended for teachers or lecturers. Released 2015 ago by three founders, Peergrade aims to help teachers submit feedback to their students. Usually all teachers want to be burdened with little work to the point that it is difficult to evaluate all students.

Peergrade makes it easier for teachers to write assignments and student evaluations within the app. The results can be read online students to the point up to the students. Year later Peergrade got funding up to 300 thousand US dollars. Currently Peergrade is already used in some major universities in Denmark, and in other neighboring countries. All teachers’ responses are quite positive. Because, in addition to learning from the scoring and assessment books are also dominant both for academic ability.

The history lesson may be a very boring one for the students. But with Time Machine Tour software Kyle Hudson production, history is no longer boring. Applications on iOS equipment can bring students to past events. One of them by accessing the portrait location of the practice of history. Students get into the Time Machine software, and see the historic place in Augmented Reality (AR) format. Time Machine is only accessible in a number of locations, namely New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington DC.

Startup developer ClassTag creates software that simplifies the relationship between parents and teachers. During this time the super busy parents rarely follow the work of parents community of students. Through ClassTag, all teachers can provide information about the event or work around the parent community of students. “This platform helps teachers improve relationships with parents,” says Founder ClassTag Vlada Lotkina. Through the application, parents who are not often rarely show community events can still participate.

Currently startup business began to grow in Indonesia. Unfortunately, startup is usually born in an uncertainty. Starting from the business model, its target market, even to the idea of ​​the product. Many people merely follow-up business startup business without knowing the basics that must be done. One of them build a digital startup. Digital startup is a company that utilizes digital technology to make solutions to the problems of Indonesian society. So we are not wrong way in starting this business, follow the following steps before starting the startup business.

Validating Ideas

Business ideas can be found anytime and anywhere, but the main problem is the process of execution of a thoughtful idea. For that you need to do a number of things that are digging problems, digging people who are harmed by the existence of the problem, then communicate the solution we have to solve it. From these three matters, we can decide whether your idea is worth executing or not.

Business plan

After getting the idea, it’s time to review the objectives in a business plan consisting of a number of stages and worked out over the course of time. Try to work on a timetable plan that has been set. What is needed in creating a business plan is just a simple concept and try to think about what things are needed. Simple and executed strategies with the right target market will work much better to create a successful digital startup business.

Doing Research

Whatever is done, always make sure to do research before taking a decision. You should not often have evidence of decision support, do not rely solely on instinct or personal opinion. For example, before assessing the social media that will be used to sell the business, keep an eye on the composition and potential users for your business. Does your target market use social media? Or how often do they use social media? And what do they usually find through social media?

Have Technological Insights

It is true that there is no obligation for a startup to be oriented towards technology and information systems. But, in fact, all startups are based on the affair. Even old non-tech companies can not deny that the use of urgent technology in business. Moreover, if you run a digital startup, then its absolute in order to have a broad insight about the technology.


Many people struggle to have original or original products. To have an original business, you have to think of something interesting and useful to the customer. Do not just do random actions to be called unique but not original.

Always Consistent

Any business that opens with a mature preparation will definitely add business effectiveness. As entrepreneurs, we are required to continue to be creative and to have new strategies or to fix existing strategies. Always have consistency to the point that customers easily recognize your business.

Expanding Business

If in the six-month period has seen good progress, then we and the team can expand the business. Perform business growth step by step to avoid the risk of loss is too great and your business can remain stable even feel the change.

That’s the first 7 steps in building a successful digital startup business. Whatever business is running, you must still have the right financial statements are often a top priority. Now, we can create financial reports with accounting applications. Journals are online accounting software that you can use to create financial reports easily, quickly, and securely, where data is presented in realtime. Different advantages of the Journal is the feature of calculating the stock of goods, invoicing creation, until the storage of proof of transactions that can facilitate your business. Register our business now with Journals and enjoy the 14 day free trial. Click here for more information.

The focus of Joko Widodo’s administration over the last 3.5 years in the infrastructure sector has made the need for experienced personnel in science and technology to increase. But unfortunately this republic weakness of experienced personnel who are competent in that field. As written, Monday (12/3/2018), Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia (Kemenristekdikti) confess that until 2019 Indonesia’s weakness of 190,997 alumni of S-1 and D3 undergraduate.

Still according to the same paper, the weakness of engineers in Indonesia is not the lack of interest of the young generation to pursue education in the field. Disadvantages occur because local graduates in the field are still not competent enough dikomparasikan with foreign alumni to the extent not absorbed in the industry. This happens because there is an imbalance between the needs of the industry with the competence of alumni of science and tips obtained by the university. Industry requires experienced personnel who are not only proficient in hard skills, but also soft skills, like communicating especially in English, analyzing, expressing opinions, solving problems, and innovative. The fact is obviously the most unfortunate, view the industry trends require labor competence of science and technology not only happening in Indonesia, but also in the world.

This is evident from the results of a study of the United States federal agencies for the development of science, the National Science Foundation (NSF). The study, conducted in 2011, claims that in the next decade 80 percent of jobs require science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) competencies. Similar results also appear from the Social Market Foundation survey for EDF Energy (a British energy company). The study, published in January 2017, states that the United Kingdom’s workforce in science, technology, research, and technical fields will double from 2016-2023. The impact will then trigger 140,000 new activities and 640,000 vacancy activities over the next six years in the sector.

The skyrocketing number of human resource needs is not separated from technological innovation and infrastructure investment continues to wriggle. Starting from the education sector Trends in the spurt of STEM HR needs both at home and abroad should be a great opportunity for the young generation of Indonesia. Of course to be able to pick up the opportunity they must do the preparation since early when started to go to college. Not only learn hard to master the theory, they must also practice applying it in the field. Here educational institutions play an urgent role to facilitate and make such happen. This means that educational institutions must help students that science that has been obtained in college can be used in the industry.

Thus they have empirical in the field. One such example is practiced by Prasetiya Mulya University in the School of Applied STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics). Here students can practice the theory learned by following the internship program to the company since the first year of college. Not only experienced in the field of STEM, the campus also educate students to be proficient to commercialize their ideas or innovation products. Of course the intended innovation must fit the needs of the market and be a solution to the problems in society. For those in addition to studying applied science they learn any business science. Janson Naiborhu, Dean of School of Applied STEM Prasetiya Mulya said this matter needs to be done because the synergy between science-technology and business in the industry is now inevitable.

“By integrating science-technology and business we are trying to optimize the understanding of the utilization of technology for current and future industry,” said Janson Naiborhu.Therefore, he said, in addition to experience in the field of STEM, they will have entrepreneurship skills that can produce business innovation based on science and technology.For information, there are a total of six majors in the School of Applied STEM Prasetiya Mulya University, which is S1 Business Mathematics (Business Mathematics), S1 Renewable Energy Engineering, S1 Food Business Technology ), S1 Product Design Engineering (Engineering Product Design), S1 Software Engineering (Software Engineering), and S1 Computer Systems Engineering (Computer Systems Engineering) .As for high school graduates who want to study there, four scholarships or scholarships, namely scholarship Young Scholar Indonesia (YSI), Bakti Indonesia, Financial Aid, and Readi Project Scholarship. It is expected that through the School of Applied STEM Prasetiya Mulya University will be born alumni berkompetensi STEM that not only fit the needs of industry, but can also create business opportunities in accordance with the technological innovations it produces.