Digital Science Learning To Build A Digital Startup Business

Currently startup business began to grow in Indonesia. Unfortunately, startup is usually born in an uncertainty. Starting from the business model, its target market, even to the idea of ​​the product. Many people merely follow-up business startup business without knowing the basics that must be done. One of them build a digital startup. Digital startup is a company that utilizes digital technology to make solutions to the problems of Indonesian society. So we are not wrong way in starting this business, follow the following steps before starting the startup business.

Validating Ideas

Business ideas can be found anytime and anywhere, but the main problem is the process of execution of a thoughtful idea. For that you need to do a number of things that are digging problems, digging people who are harmed by the existence of the problem, then communicate the solution we have to solve it. From these three matters, we can decide whether your idea is worth executing or not.

Business plan

After getting the idea, it’s time to review the objectives in a business plan consisting of a number of stages and worked out over the course of time. Try to work on a timetable plan that has been set. What is needed in creating a business plan is just a simple concept and try to think about what things are needed. Simple and executed strategies with the right target market will work much better to create a successful digital startup business.

Doing Research

Whatever is done, always make sure to do research before taking a decision. You should not often have evidence of decision support, do not rely solely on instinct or personal opinion. For example, before assessing the social media that will be used to sell the business, keep an eye on the composition and potential users for your business. Does your target market use social media? Or how often do they use social media? And what do they usually find through social media?

Have Technological Insights

It is true that there is no obligation for a startup to be oriented towards technology and information systems. But, in fact, all startups are based on the affair. Even old non-tech companies can not deny that the use of urgent technology in business. Moreover, if you run a digital startup, then its absolute in order to have a broad insight about the technology.


Many people struggle to have original or original products. To have an original business, you have to think of something interesting and useful to the customer. Do not just do random actions to be called unique but not original.

Always Consistent

Any business that opens with a mature preparation will definitely add business effectiveness. As entrepreneurs, we are required to continue to be creative and to have new strategies or to fix existing strategies. Always have consistency to the point that customers easily recognize your business.

Expanding Business

If in the six-month period has seen good progress, then we and the team can expand the business. Perform business growth step by step to avoid the risk of loss is too great and your business can remain stable even feel the change.

That’s the first 7 steps in building a successful digital startup business. Whatever business is running, you must still have the right financial statements are often a top priority. Now, we can create financial reports with accounting applications. Journals are online accounting software that you can use to create financial reports easily, quickly, and securely, where data is presented in realtime. Different advantages of the Journal is the feature of calculating the stock of goods, invoicing creation, until the storage of proof of transactions that can facilitate your business. Register our business now with Journals and enjoy the 14 day free trial. Click here for more information.

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