Key Technology Based Learning Sharpens the Root of thought

Talk about education in Indonesia certainly has a myriad of house activities that must be addressed. Teacher competence, school infrastructure, lack of textbooks, to standardization of curriculum are some issues that are not infrequently covering the education sector in the country. Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) RI is also working to increase the quality of national education. Started from the addition of access to education and also the quality of the National Examination.

1. The basic logic passes through education The Founder of Zenius Education

The Word of the PS says the current issue of the education system in Indonesia is not only about access, but also about the quality of the education itself. Based on data of Ministry of Education and Culture, the level of accessibility of schools in Indonesia has reached 80%. “However, the problem is the quality, and submit a weighted education weighted | quality evenly is very difficult, “said Word for in the seminar” Critical Print Generation, Improve the Quality of Education Indonesia “, in Jakarta (19/08/2018). Therefore, Zenius Education’s education technology company is committed to contribute in fostering a generation of people who can have good reason that can be applied in everyday life. Without strong basic logic, your young generation will be easily affected by hoaxes, even terrorism. This may not be enough to realize that not a few people, “said the Word.

2. Sharpen understanding and reason “Founded in 2007,

Zenius Education as among the first digital players in the Indonesian educational ecosystem is always struggling to provide learning lessons that focus on understanding concept and scientific reasoning. Read also: Should Students Release from PR? This Said Educational Psychologist Referring to the situation of Indonesian students who have spent many years accustomed to memorizing lessons and want not to be encouraged to ask, Zenius Education is determined to cultivate the mindset of Indonesian students. Students are told to understand a concept of knowledge rather than memorize, and fit with the scientific soul itself, that is cultivating a sense of curiosity.

3. International benchmarks

Based on the information from the Word, the measure of formal educational attainment in Indonesia can refer to the three-year PESA test, a test system initiated by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). Since trailing the test in 2010, Indonesia is not rare to be ranked the bottom 10 of 72 countries surveyed. Thus, it is not a surprising matter when the results of UN 2018 indicate that 63-79% of students have an average score below 55. “The performance of Indonesian students on the PISA test is not the only concern. The OECD also conducted tests for adult populations through the PIAAC (Program for for International Assessment of Adult Competencies) test, and the result was astonishing – scholars in Jakarta had literacy skills that were no better than high school alumni of all participating countries, “bright Word

4. Technology-based education In estimation,

for 400-800 million personal will be replaced by the work of automatization in 2030 (McKinsey, 2017). Therefore, Indonesia’s current and future educational challenge is how to print the younger generation who know the science being taught, not just good at viewing the information. EdTech or technology-based education can come up with a solution that previously used in games system like agen sbobet when calculating the winning for each members. Inevitably, education in Indonesia around this cling to the text book, has begun to replace digital products.

5. Growing start up of digital learning Startup field of education began to emerge.

They provide not a few changes to the learning process in Indonesia, one of which is Zenius Education. As among the innovations that were born because of the existence of EdTech, a blended learning system or training-learning work that integrates online learning with traditional learning in the classroom. This technology-based learning alternative is desirable to be one of the solutions in the effort to accelerate the addition of educational quality in Indonesia. Based on information from Google Analytics data in 2017 it was listed that Zenius Education has helped more than 10 million students in Indonesia. The company has also made over 74,000 online learning videos with total views reaching over 300 million.

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